V6 Support for Chain of Responsibility (CoR) – Fatigue Management (Driver Hours)

In response to Chain of Responsibility (CoR) legislation, Omnix V6 is able to provide the following functional enhancements enabling you to meet the heavy vehicle compliance requirements. The most significant enhancement is the availability of an electronic work diary (EWD), which will meet the safety accreditation levels established by NHV regulators. This electronic work diary[…]

Omnix V6 Market

Omnix V6 is strategically positioned to be the cornerstone of a highly flexible, and configurable best-in-breed software solution. By this we mean a solution where you choose from the best products in the market to suit your needs and where V6 interfaces seamlessly with your selection. The basis for this approach is an economy of[…]

V6 and Barlinka API

V6 and Barlinka API To automate the exchange of data between Omnix V6 and Barlinka, Omnix has developed a set of Web APIs and Keys which are yours to access. This web service enables different software to communicate with each other; provides flexibility and enables a faster, more efficient exchange of electronic documents such as[…]

New mapping features added to V6

OpenStreetMap and G-NAF V6 now uses OpenStreetMap for map data and G-NAF (Geo-coded National Addresses File) for Australian addresses. Tracking Map Clicking on markers on the map will show event details, e.g. signatures and photos. Map Viewer Inactive vehicles are greyed out on the map when showing all vehicles. Clicking on a vehicle will show[…]

Legacy data import services

Migrating to Omnix V6 has been simplified and automated for those customers with legacy data. We offer a choice between two types of import services when it comes to transferring existing Masterfile data to your new V6 deployment: 1. Free Client import interface • The users (including client customers) can import certain Masterfile data type[…]

Item Level Tracking

V6 Item level tracking – what are the benefits? Here’s what our tracking specialist has to say: “By tracking the location, condition, transit status, delivery data and corresponding consignment details, you are able to provide to your customers a vast amount of information about any item being shipped. In real time. Your business benefits from[…]

V6 Mobile App

View our world-class V6 mobile app, which is suitable for Android and IOS (iPhone, iPad,) and available on Apple iTunes and on Google Playstore . This screenshot reveals just how much functionality the Omnix V6 mobile app gives to the Driver. Not only can the Driver take a photograph, but extra services can be added[…]

Freight Management Software Self Test

How does your freight management software stack up in a rapidly-changing market? Try this little self-test to determine just how much your business could improve by implementing V6. Evaluate where you stand in the software game Can your legacy system operate in the Cloud to save you expensive server purchases and maintenance fees? YES/NO Can[…]